New Website With New Look And More Information

Garden State Episcopal Community Development Corporation (GSECDC) has revamped their website. "The new website is a great start but but as we move forward we will include more pictures and detailed information enhancing the richness of our content to demonstrate the great deeds we do here at GSECDC," says Matt Ward, Assistant Project Manager. The new website is optimized for all screens, tablets, phones, laptops and desktops. Matt continues, "I know that many of my customers access our website from their phones. So, that is great feature and will benefit many customers." During the overhaul site navigation has been simplified into five main categories:

  1. About - where you will find information about the organization's history, current board of directors, senior staff and press articles
  2. What We Do - covers the operations of the two major divisions at GSECDC: the Division of Supportive Housing and Social Services and the Division of Housing and Community Development
  3. Homebuyers - this is for potential first time homebuyers visiting our site to find more information about current affordable housing opportunities. 
  4. Archive - is the official GSECDC blog where all things GSECDC are posted. Find the latest information, recent grants, for sale properties, upcoming events and more.
  5. Contact - where visitors to the site can get directions or phone numbers to the our several offices around Jersey City, sign up to volunteer, or donate to GSECDC.

We hope you enjoy the new site as much as we do. 

Old Website


New Website