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Two-Family Homes For Sale

Garden State Episcopal CDC is putting home ownership within your reach through the Halladay HOME Program located at 291-297 Halladay Street, Jersey City. Our affordable, two-family homes are available to eligible, moderate-income, first time homebuyers.  

  • Sales Price:   $250,000
  • Down Payment: 3.5% minimum
  • Total Monthly Housing Payment:  $1,000

*Estimate includes PITI and 9 months of rental income per year.


  • All Halladay Homes Are Under Contract
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  1. Must be first time homebuyer If you owned a home before, you must have sold it or removed your name from the deed 3 years prior to buying this housing
  2. Must have completed first time home buyer training before closing - You can apply without completing this. However, you must complete before we sell the home to you. GSECDC can refer you to several free courses.
  3. Must be able to obtain a prequalification from a mortgage company within 15 days of receiving a notice of eligibility from GSECDC. The earlier you do this the better. This will allow GSECDC to confirm that you have the ability to secure financing from a lender.
  4. Must demonstrate a minimum of 3.5% of purchase price for down payment and savings for closing costs. Minimum incomes apply as well.
  5. Households cannot exceed the following income maximums - Please account for gross income (before taxes) for ALL Household members that will occupy the unit. You must factor all benefits like child support, social security, unemployment and the like. 

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