Building Strong Communities

GSECDC is a premier, affordable housing non-profit developer in Jersey City with over two decades of experience in building quality housing. The Division of Housing and Community Development is responsible for carrying out GSECDC's mission providing quality affordable housing opportunities to families that cannot comfortably afford to rent or buy in the private market.   

To date, GSECDC has completed the development of over 240 residential units, turning over 90 abandoned properties into quality housing for over 630 people through a $40-million investment in emerging markets.

Areas of Expertise

After 25 years of work in Jersey City neighborhoods, GSECDC has developed the expertise and capacity to assist other communities across the State of New Jersey in meeting their housing and revitalization goals.
— John Restrepo, Director of DHCD

Solutions for a New Economy

  • Repurposing properties through new construction, and moderate to gut rehabilitation
  • Delivering unique and diverse products with long term sustainability and impact
  • Implementing scatter site strategies in order to fill community community gaps block by block
  • Designing ventures that stabilize markets, maximize assets and invigorate the local economic environment
  • Providing housing opportunities to renters including special needs populations
  • Creating home ownership opportunities that generate wealth for families
  • Specializing in the redevelopment of foreclosures and other problem properties
  • Stabilizing and igniting commercial corridors through mixed use development strategies
  • Efficiently using scarce resources and mixed finance options
  • Partnering with government and private sector for  policy and programming that is cost effective and timely
  • Developing  energy efficient and environmentally friendly properties

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